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Home Insurance Claim Specialists .

Colorado Home Insurance Claim Specialists

Homeowners whose homes are victimized by wind, hail, water, or fire, don’t know who to consult to have their home repaired. This is where we step in. At Accoy, we pride ourselves in knowing exactly what to do in any home insurance claim situation. We have been in many insurance claim situations and have the knowledge and experience to guide you through the process.

Dishonest contractors harass venerable homeowners who desperately try to get their business.  The home insurance claim process can be confusing, and homeowners can easily be misled. We don’t want that happening to you! In addition, most homeowners must continue with their extremely busy lives while dealing with the home insurance claim process. If you’ve been in that situation before, you know that the insurance process can be time-consuming. Who can homeowners turn to?

The answer is us! Accoy Contracting, Inc. specializes in insurance claims and restoration and we fully understand how the home insurance claim process works. We offer a free, no obligation property inspection, prior to the homeowner making their claim. This way, the homeowner knows if there’s enough damage to justify making a claim and they have the security knowing that any immediate repairs are recognized. Our team will provide you with pictures of the damage found and a plan for moving forward. They will also make any repairs necessary with the homeowners’ permission. Our team will also take the time to watch your insurance claim from start to finish and make sure all damage is covered, even for the repairs we personally are not completing. Accoy will then complete repairs, using top-of-the-line material, for no more or no less than what is allowed by your insurance company. We use the same estimating software that a lot of the large insurance companies use, making the home insurance claim process easy.

Doesn’t that sound easy?

Helpful Insurance Claim Hints


Stay away from contractors with out-of-state license plates on their vehicles.


Stay away from contractors who say, “We will cover your insurance deductible,” or “We will give you cash back.” This may sound appealing; however, this is insurance fraud. Due to recent law changes by the State of Minnesota, the state is enforcing these laws and disciplinary actions. Also, the insurance company only allows beneficiaries enough money to have repairs completed. Contractors who give back money take it from other areas like cheaper labor or using inferior products. Some contractors even try to make as much money as they can, then file bankruptcy under that company and open a new business under a different name.


Don’t sign anything until you are comfortable with your selection of contractor(s). Have the contractor show you a copy of his or her license and insurance.


Have your property inspected immediately after a recent storm by a local contractor, as there may be immediate repairs that are needed. These repairs generally can’t be seen from the ground looking up at the roof.


Remember the insurance company is responsible for deciding if the damage is covered under your homeowners’ policy or not. A contractor who specializes in insurance restoration can only help you find damages and restore your property.

Our team of professionals will go to work for you researching products, designs, and pricing, to help restore your biggest asset – “Your Home.”


Accoy Contracting Inc

Accoy Contracting, Inc. is fully licensed and insured in Minnesota and Colorado. In addition, Accoy Contracting, Inc. holds certifications in lead safety and insurance claims subrogation.


A Rating with BBB, EPA Lead Certified Firm, ShingleMaster Status With CertainTeed.


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